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Wellness Shop

Shop Our Recommended Products

I’m excited to share my Wellness Shop collection
of natural wellness & immune support products!!

Over-the-counter vitamins from your local store can vary widely in ingredient dosing and purity, and thus safety. All Theralogix and OmniBiotic products are tested and certified through the NSF International Dietary Supplement Certification Program and each product is formulated based on the most current scientific data evidence.

If you have questions or want to know more about my personalized recommendations for you – please request an appointment!

Theralogix Preferred Pricing + Free Shipping PRC code: 71199
OmniBiotic 15% off for patients
Bottle of Procerv HP high-potency multivitamin capsules

Immune Support

White endocannabidiol supplement bottle

Anti-pain + Immune Support

Neo Q10 coenzyme Q10 supplement bottle

Anti-inflammatory Support

Tart cherry supplement bottle

Gout + Immune Support

White and purple bottle of Theralogix MTX Advanced Support

MTX Advanced Support

Two bottles of Theralogix Optiflex-C and Optiflex-G supplements

Joint Health

Bottle of Theralogix CalMag Thins calcium and magnesium supplements

Bone Health

Melatonin supplement bottle

Sleep Support

bottle of Theralogix Thera-Natal Complete multivitamin and mineral supplement

General Health Support

OMNi-BiOTiC Balance Probiotic sachets


Omni Logic Immune dietary supplement jar


Two boxes of dietary supplements, Omnibiotic Balance and Omnibiotic Stress Release

Gut Health Bundles